I believe in peaceful conflict resolution. I provide the necessary framework as an impartial third party in any economic, family or labour dispute, so that you can work together with your partners as effectively as possible.

What do I do as a mediator?

I am a mediator registered with the Ministry of Justice and you can contact me for economic disputes, family disputes, labour disputes and other civil disputes. As an impartial third party, I will help you provide the necessary framework to work with your partner as effectively as possible. I believe in peaceful conflict resolution and often use coaching tools during mediation.

Before contacting a mediator, it is worth considering the following:

  • participants in mediation voluntarily undertake the process, it is important that they are motivated to solve the problem
  • it is important that the causes and problems that trigger the conflict are suitable for discussion
  • the parties are stuck with the given problem and do not know how to proceed, they want to finally find a solution
  • the parties do not want to go to court or see a lawyer straight away

In which situations can I support you as a mediator:

  • you want to avoid expensive and years of litigation in court
  • you are about to get a divorce and want to peacefully lay out the details of your separation
  • in case of custody, and you need a mediator after divorce
  • you need an independent third party who can look at your relationship and family problems
  • you have an unresolved economic conflict and not able to resolve it alone

The steps of the process:

  1. the parties are given the opportunity to tell the mediator about the given problem (the other party is not present) within 1 hour separately
  2. the parties speak separately and without interrupting each other
  3. we expand the outlined topics in detail
  4. we strive to reach an agreement based on the stated needs



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