Business coaching

I will help you to see your issues as a challenge and to be able to look at them from a whole new perspective. Support you to get the best out of yourself, to deal with conflicts and to find the perfect work-life balance. Free consultation online or in person, please don't hesitate to contact me!

What do I do as a coach?

During the sessions, I will help you to identify the problem and develop your competences. I support you in looking at the given challenge from a new perspective, I help you to mobilize your internal resources to achieve the desired goal. During the sessions, I show you a mirror, strengthen your self-acceptance and support you in bringing out the best of yourself.

I work according to the Code of Ethics of the International Coach Federation (ICF). I work with mentally healthy clients, coaching does not qualify as counseling or therapy.


In which situations can it be useful and for whom is it recommended?

Those who are looking for support in developing certain competencies or solving challenges in their workplace.


Business coaching can be useful in connection with the following topics: 

  • conscious work-life balance
  • conflict management, dispute management and resolution
  • change management, increasing uncertainty tolerance
  • career counselling
  • conscious career planning, increasing confidence
  • return to work after a long break (maternity leave, sabbatical)
  • leadership development
  • you want to empower yourself as a female leader
  • dealing with problems at work
  • stress management, resilience development, burnout prevention
  • improving communication, keeping boundaries
  • solving a delicate, difficult situation in which support would be useful
  • if you want to develop certain competencies such as:
  • conflict management, problem solving, stress management
  • assertiveness, advocacy
  • delegation, efficiency, motivation, cooperation, etc.


The steps of the process:

  1. Get in touch – book your free consulting appointment
  2. Assessing your motivation, agreeing on frameworks
  3. Coaching sessions (8-10 sessions) online or in person, usually every 2 weeks

– the last session the focus will be on creating a personalized action plan that can help you change your current situation and achieve your goals

– there is an opportunity to work together even if you would not commit to a whole process, but would like to receive support only for 2-3 times in case of an acute problem – ‘please contact us separately by e-mail in this case’


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